Positive parenting and Guyanese caregivers

We are GUTSY, Inc., focused on parents and caregivers in a virtual discussion centered around techniques of positive parenting.  Almost 50 parents eagerly engaged the GUTSY educators and Board in assessing parenting styles and exploring their benefits and disadvantages.  

In an informal poll conducted during the session participants acknowledged their own methods of nurturing and embraced the authoritative approach as most effective in raising children.  

At the conclusion of the session parents asked the GUTSY team to continue to work with them. “This was time well spent,” parent Venessa Saul remarked.   Carlise Johnson whose child attends Jo’sel Academy agreed “thank you for this program…awesome, indeed children cannot be brought up the way we were ‘cause times are different,” she said.

We Are GUTSY, Inc. is a Not for Profit 501 (C) (3) Organization of Guyanese based in the USA.  For more information on their work visit or email

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