We Are GUTSY, Inc.

Guyanese United To Serve our Youth

a Not-for-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization registered in New Jersey, USA

Our Mission

To foster the well-being of young children in Guyana through coaching and mentoring, thereby enabling them to develop civic-minded attitudes and behaviors to become responsible citizens.

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We Are GUTSY, Inc. is committed to working with all Guyanese youth ages 3 – 12 years old, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation or socio-economic status.


To address the generational issues our youth face as they mature into adults we first see the challenges from their perspective. We listen with empathy, respect and honesty to find answers for their concerns.


Encouraging children to examine and express their own feelings makes them self-aware, and builds skills in critical thinking. These come in handy when they are problem solving.  It helps them connect their initial thoughts to new ways of doing things.

Respect, Integrity & Honesty

We help shape integrity by treating young people with respect and dignity and by allowing them to express their feelings without judgement. We teach them to value kindness, honesty and courage and help them to find a way to tell the truth.

Resilience & Defense

Children develop the ability to bounce back from adversity when they learn how to work through challenges, failure and trauma. Training in defense helps them develop confidence, teaches discipline, and allows them to defend themselves against bullying and other attacks.

Parenting & Guidance

We help children, parents and guardians develop an appreciation for positive parenting by teaching them ways to communicate with each other during the good times and difficult moments.

Our Vision


To help children remain in school and continue to college.


Upper secondary attendance:59% Male and 76% Female
Lower secondary attendance:92% Male and 95% Female
Primary attendance: 97% Male and 97% Female

We believe that education is key to overcoming economic challenges and we reward children who participate and benefit from our program with educational incentives to assist them to remain in school and move on to higher education.

Domestic Violence

To address the “invisible” psychological and emotional wounds and seek help for both the child and victim at home.


17 women were murdered by their partners between January and October of 2017


World Health Organization (WHO) stated that 9200 cases of domestic violence were reported in Guyana between 2011 and 2013.


Guyana’s Childcare and Protection Agency stated in 2018 – 481 cases of child abuse were reported.

Violence at home can have far reaching consequences. Chiildren raised in homes where abuse takes place usually grow up to become abusers or victims who accept abuse. Statistics show that over 95% of domestic violence cases involve women victims of male partners. Their children often observe or hear the abuse and feel hlepless to stop it.

We Are GUTSY, Inc. is a catalyst. It encourages a mindset change among the youth that is infectious among others. It is a call to action and engagement to prepare our young children to take on leadership roles as civic minded, law abiding citizens.


A safe haven makes it easier for a child to discuss difficult topics with a trusted adult.

We Are GUTSY, Inc. will seek to identify those at greatest risk as they grow into adolescence: young people with mental health issues, victims of bullying, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, a family history of suicide or depression, children who lack a support network, such a poor relationship with parents or peers. Intervention, before it’s too late, will reduce the suicide rate in Guyana.

  • Suicide

  • Other causes of death

According to the most recent World Health Organization (WHO) statistics released in April 2017, Guyana’s suicide rate is 30.2 suicides per 100,000 deaths, the third highest suicide rate in the world.

Our Work

We Are GUTSY, Inc. works with students, teachers, parents, guardians and volunteers utilizing the curriculum we developed around our four focus areas to make an impact and break the cycle.


Our Work

We begin with a pilot program working with pre-selected schools and youth groups to allow for program assessment and adjustment

Using the curriculum we developed we train volunteers and teachers to lead face to face discussions with the children, parents, and guardians.

We use electronic and print media and strategically placed out of home advertising to reinforce our message.

We aim to set up a resource center staffed with caring volunteers to carry out our mission.

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