Children’s Program Unleashed

August 2019 promises to be a lot of fun for Guyanese children participating in the program organized by We AreGUTSY, Inc., a US based organization of Guyanese, to kickoff their mission in Guyana.

The program marks the beginning of a planned year long initiative to help young children navigate life’s challenges as they mature into teenagers and adults.  We Are GUTSY, Inc. hopes their work will eventually form the basis of a movement that spreads throughout the country and becomes a way of life for all young people and ultimately all Guyanese.

Participants will engage in activities that teach them important life skills to help them cope with the challenges of growing up in Guyana.  The program includes the organization’s 4 areas of focus and will bring together children, parents, guardians, volunteers and educators from the USA and Guyana working together to assist the youth.

We Are GUTSY, Inc. is a Not for Profit 501 (C )  (3) Organization made up Guyanese volunteers residing in the USA.  

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